Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What to do with all of that Halloween Candy

As a child I think Halloween was second to Christmas as my favorite holiday. It was so fun to dress up and go door to door and get free candy. What child wouldn't like to do this? I don't really remember my Mom and Dad limiting my candy consumption in any way. I always gave them a few pieces of their favorite candy, Mom- York Patties and Dad- Mr. Good bar. The chocolate was always the first to go and the last for me were the Sweet Tarts. I'm more of a sweet fan than a tart fan. I digress. What do you plan to do with all of that Halloween Candy your children are sure to bring home?

I am one who tires of hearing I want candy..... All day every day until it is gone. So, here is what I do.

I make sure my kids eat a healthy, normal dinner before they head out. While we trick or treat they can eat 2 pieces of candy (that I inspect first). Once we get home they get to go through their candy and share with mom and dad (my favorite part). If it is a school night they may eat a few more pieces and then it is off to bed. When it is not a school night, like this year, I let them eat to their hearts (and stomachs) content. The next day whatever is left gets put into a big bucket and the candy is then used as rewards for various things. I potty trained my son with his Halloween candy as the reward. I put the candy out of site with the hope of out of site out of mind. Sometimes there is enough candy leftover for Christmas stockings.

It is ultimately up to you the parent to decide how much and when your children get to eat their candy. There is one big thing you should do though to eliminate any whining and complaining about the rules you impose. Lay down the rules and make sure each child understands before they even head out the door.

What do you do with all of the candy? Do you let your children eat it whenever or do you ration it out?

And don't forget to turn off your porch light if you are not handing out candy, not home, or out of candy. This will keep trick-or-treaters from ringing your doorbell all night.

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