Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just 10 Minutes

I don't like cleaning all day. I'm sure I could do it if I really wanted to but I don't. Sometimes I'm so busy making sure my downstairs is clean that my upstairs gets completely neglected and looks like a tornado has been through it. It is to the point of driving me crazy but I don't know where to begin so I have come up with a plan. I'm going to set the time for 10 minutes and work on one room for 10 minutes. When the timer goes off I will move onto the next room and so on until I have worked in each room. If I feel like cleaning more I will continue. If not, I will do it again the next day. Eventually my upstairs will be clean and it will be easier to maintain with just 10 minutes a day per room.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Problem Solved

We are out growing our house but have to stay in it for at least 10 more months. Na gets to share a room with her 2 little sisters. The girls bedroom is pretty large. So there is plenty of room for their beds plus, a dresser, book shelves, toys, and a place to play with all the toys. There is one problem with all of these girls with different personalities and at different stages in life sharing a room. At least a problem for Na. She is at a point where she has her "special" things and her little sisters get into them and destroy them. She doesn't have a place of her own.

This last weekend we gave her a safe place for her things. The bedroom closet is hers. We switched doorknobs with one that has a lock and key. She now has the ability to lock her closet and keep her stuff safe. I have a key too just in case she loses hers or so I can get in there if needs be. This will work until we move next year to a bigger house where she will finally be granted her own room.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

(Lulu, Na, and Bubs standing outside their school. Na didn't want me to walk her to her class and I told her too bad. It is my right as her mother to walk her to her class on her first day of school and I plan on doing it until she enters middle school)

The day has finally come to send my kids back to school. I love this time of year. Could be my love for school supplies and organization stuff that goes on sale this time of year but I think it is more because my days get a little less crazy. I love my children and I love being with them. What I don't love is the constant mess that follows them where ever they go. I call them my Texas tornadoes. I have yet to master getting them to clean up after themselves. So, when they are in school my house will look the same all day long. What little mess they make after school they get cleaned up before bed.
Today I've been reading the FB statuses of many of my friends. I think all but one have been along the lines of the separation anxiety the parents are feeling having their kids gone from them all day. I admit, I went through this when my oldest started Kindergarten. I watched the clock all day long the first week. After the first weekend I was fine and ready for her to go back to school. Am I a bad mom because I didn't watch the clock all day? Am I a bad mom because I want my children to be at school? These thoughts have been entering my mind today and just as the guilt starts to creep in I remind myself that my kids are smart and I have raised them to be successful independent children. My children are capable of many things because I have allowed them to be. I know my kids can make it through a school day with out me. I also know that they are surrounded by many loving and caring adults who who want what is best for them just like I do. However, when they get off the bus in a little bit, I'll be waiting with open arms and some cookies to hear all about their first day of school.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brain Fried

It could be the heat or my 4 children draining my energy but I'm just brain fried. I have so many things I want to blog about but I can't summon myself together to put much thought into it right now. Hopefully when school starts on Monday and I have only one child at home I will be able to put more into words but for now, be patient and know that I haven't forgotten my blog or it's readers. I just need a temporary break to get my brain back to normal function again.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cleaning Your Microwave

I used to never cover my food in the microwave and it left quite a mess. I hated cleaning it so I decided it was time to start covering the food when I used the microwave. Even when I cover it though some food manages to escape and leave it's mark. I used to use some kitchen cleaner to wipe out the microwave but hated the smell and residue it left behind. Well, today I tried a new method that my friend told me about. I actually think it is pretty common and I'm sure you have heard of it but if not then I guess I'm doing my job in sharing it. So, here is how to clean your microwave with out chemicals.

Place a microwave safe bowl filled with water in the microwave and microwave it for at least 5 minutes.
Let the bowl sit in for about 2 minutes after the timer beeps to allow the steam to collect on the walls.
Take a washcloth and wipe the walls clean. The steam loosens the food so it just wipes away.
I think (I haven't tried it yet) you can use a touch of vinegar too to help eliminate extra grease and deodorize.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Copy Cat Burrito

The other day I was craving a new flavor. One I could only go out to eat to get. Then I remembered a recipe I saw last week from Crystals Cozy Kitchen for Mexican Style Burritos.
Here recipe called for Beef Carnita but I didn't have any beef on hand. I wanted to use chicken. This led me to think some Cafe Rio chicken sure would be nice and then I remembered there were all sorts of knock off recipes for it online. So, I went to Kalyn's Kitchen and found the recipe for the Cafe Rio Chicken as well as the Cafe Rio Rice. She also has the recipe for the cilantro dressing but I didn't have all the ingredients to make that.

I was a little worried that the rice was going to be super spicy since it called for a can of chopped green chilis but it was perfect. My kids gobbled it up and I heard lots of "mmmm" and "yummmm". This dinner got me several high fives.

To make my copy cat burrito I used the Beans from Crystals Cozy Kitchen, the chicken and rice from Kaylyn's Kitchen, and some frozen corn. Since I didn't have dressing my husband put salsa on his. I like sweet more than hot so I decided to add a touch of Ken's Steakhouse Sweet Vidalia onion dressing to mine.

One of these days I should really learn to take great pictures that make the food look more appetizing.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cool Idea

The other day my kids wanted popsicles and *gasp* I didn't have any. So, we cut a slit in the top of the yogurt lid and stuck a popsicle stick inside. Two hours later they had yogurt pops. I'm sure someone else has done this before. The best part for me, my kids thought I was so least for that day.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When I Asked You....

to take out the trash I didn't mean smash it further down into the can so more trash can fit on top. This makes the bag tear from the weight of the trash when I pull it out to do to what I originally asked you to do.

When I asked you to fold the towels and put them away I didn't mean shove as many of you can into the drawer so it no longer opens.

When I asked you to pick up your toys I didn't mean pick them up and move them over by a foot or two.

When I asked you to put your shoes on 10 minutes before we were leaving the house I didn't mean watch 10 more minutes of TV and then run around crying to find your shoes while I'm heading out the door.

When I asked you to clean up the paper crafts you pulled out that doesn't mean stack them in a pile and place it by the computer.

It seems I need a translator in my house.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Doctor's Wife

I don't remember dreaming I would marry a doctor when I was little. It was not on my checklist for my future husband. I did have an assignment in a class in college where I had to write about my life 20 years in the future. I wrote that my husband would be a cardiologist. I think I chose that field because I knew they made a bunch of money. I didn't really believe I would marry a doctor.

Well, about 10 months later I got married. I didn't marry a doctor. I married a man who was pre med. We finished undergrad at BYU together. Then we went to medical school. By "we" I mean he went to school and I supported him but anyone who is married to a med student knows that both of you are in it together.

Now we are in our last year of residency and I am married to a doctor. I'm still trying to get used to it. It has its advantages and disadvantages.
When I get sick and can't get in to see my regular doctor I just tell my husband. He gets an attending to write an antibiotic for me. The disadvantage is he's seen so much worse than a sore throat so I get no sympathy.

Another advantage/disadvantage I came across this past weekend. Some family members(my side, not his) will no longer consider you family, you will be known as "his wife". This can be an advantage if you don't care to be related to this part of your family. But it is a disadvantage when you do care to be related to this side and they choose the "Doctor". I will give an example to help this all make sense.

(side note before I tell the story. If by chance individuals involved read this, please know I'm not offended in any way. I find it humorous)

This past weekend my Aunt and Uncle celebrated their 5oth wedding anniversary. A momentous occasion. We went to their celebration. Upon walking in we find my Aunt visiting with some friends so we go and congratulate her. She didn't introduce me to the people she was with but instead introduced her nephew as "the Doctor" in the family. Shortly thereafter "The Doctor" left the circle to visit with some cousins and at that point I was introduced as "the Wife" of "The Doctor" and also as C's (my mother) youngest daughter. About 30 minutes later we were standing near my Aunt again conversing with her daughter when she interrupted to introduce her sister, whom I have never met, to "the Doctor". I was standing right next to him and wasn't introduced until 5-10 minutes later when she had stopped talking about "The Doctor". Now, any one of these instances alone does not mean anything but, when I put these 2 together with something I experienced earlier in the week I see a trend. I was at Walmart earlier in the week and ran into an older couple from my church. They stated "so you are married to R and A's nephew." I corrected them saying that I was their niece and he was married to me. So, somewhere along the line I became known as the wife of the Doctor and not their niece. Trust me, this may have some perks to it down the road.

I'm sure when we finish residency I will be known as "the Wife" in many other circles. I'm okay with that because in my home I'm known as Mom and that is more important than any other title I could hold.