Monday, August 2, 2010

The Doctor's Wife

I don't remember dreaming I would marry a doctor when I was little. It was not on my checklist for my future husband. I did have an assignment in a class in college where I had to write about my life 20 years in the future. I wrote that my husband would be a cardiologist. I think I chose that field because I knew they made a bunch of money. I didn't really believe I would marry a doctor.

Well, about 10 months later I got married. I didn't marry a doctor. I married a man who was pre med. We finished undergrad at BYU together. Then we went to medical school. By "we" I mean he went to school and I supported him but anyone who is married to a med student knows that both of you are in it together.

Now we are in our last year of residency and I am married to a doctor. I'm still trying to get used to it. It has its advantages and disadvantages.
When I get sick and can't get in to see my regular doctor I just tell my husband. He gets an attending to write an antibiotic for me. The disadvantage is he's seen so much worse than a sore throat so I get no sympathy.

Another advantage/disadvantage I came across this past weekend. Some family members(my side, not his) will no longer consider you family, you will be known as "his wife". This can be an advantage if you don't care to be related to this part of your family. But it is a disadvantage when you do care to be related to this side and they choose the "Doctor". I will give an example to help this all make sense.

(side note before I tell the story. If by chance individuals involved read this, please know I'm not offended in any way. I find it humorous)

This past weekend my Aunt and Uncle celebrated their 5oth wedding anniversary. A momentous occasion. We went to their celebration. Upon walking in we find my Aunt visiting with some friends so we go and congratulate her. She didn't introduce me to the people she was with but instead introduced her nephew as "the Doctor" in the family. Shortly thereafter "The Doctor" left the circle to visit with some cousins and at that point I was introduced as "the Wife" of "The Doctor" and also as C's (my mother) youngest daughter. About 30 minutes later we were standing near my Aunt again conversing with her daughter when she interrupted to introduce her sister, whom I have never met, to "the Doctor". I was standing right next to him and wasn't introduced until 5-10 minutes later when she had stopped talking about "The Doctor". Now, any one of these instances alone does not mean anything but, when I put these 2 together with something I experienced earlier in the week I see a trend. I was at Walmart earlier in the week and ran into an older couple from my church. They stated "so you are married to R and A's nephew." I corrected them saying that I was their niece and he was married to me. So, somewhere along the line I became known as the wife of the Doctor and not their niece. Trust me, this may have some perks to it down the road.

I'm sure when we finish residency I will be known as "the Wife" in many other circles. I'm okay with that because in my home I'm known as Mom and that is more important than any other title I could hold.

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