Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Problem Solved

We are out growing our house but have to stay in it for at least 10 more months. Na gets to share a room with her 2 little sisters. The girls bedroom is pretty large. So there is plenty of room for their beds plus, a dresser, book shelves, toys, and a place to play with all the toys. There is one problem with all of these girls with different personalities and at different stages in life sharing a room. At least a problem for Na. She is at a point where she has her "special" things and her little sisters get into them and destroy them. She doesn't have a place of her own.

This last weekend we gave her a safe place for her things. The bedroom closet is hers. We switched doorknobs with one that has a lock and key. She now has the ability to lock her closet and keep her stuff safe. I have a key too just in case she loses hers or so I can get in there if needs be. This will work until we move next year to a bigger house where she will finally be granted her own room.


  1. keep stuff safe from who?? do people break in all the time?

  2. No, people don't break in. She shares a room with her sisters and they get into her stuff. So, the lock on the closet it keeping her stuff safe from her little sisters.


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