Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cleaning Your Microwave

I used to never cover my food in the microwave and it left quite a mess. I hated cleaning it so I decided it was time to start covering the food when I used the microwave. Even when I cover it though some food manages to escape and leave it's mark. I used to use some kitchen cleaner to wipe out the microwave but hated the smell and residue it left behind. Well, today I tried a new method that my friend told me about. I actually think it is pretty common and I'm sure you have heard of it but if not then I guess I'm doing my job in sharing it. So, here is how to clean your microwave with out chemicals.

Place a microwave safe bowl filled with water in the microwave and microwave it for at least 5 minutes.
Let the bowl sit in for about 2 minutes after the timer beeps to allow the steam to collect on the walls.
Take a washcloth and wipe the walls clean. The steam loosens the food so it just wipes away.
I think (I haven't tried it yet) you can use a touch of vinegar too to help eliminate extra grease and deodorize.

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  1. i like it. I think i have heard that before, but a good reminder. I have not used vinegar, but it seems vinegar is good for cleaning almost anything!!!


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