Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lesson's Learned from a Sunburn

The prompt I chose for today's writing assignment is
1.) It was a bad burn. Tell about the worst sunburn you ever received. How did that happen!?!

When I read this 3 sunburns I have had immediately came to mind. I'm sure I've had more but a specific 3 sunburns stand out in my mind. The most recent one stands out because it was, well, recent. I forgot to put sunblock on while I spent the day at a water park. I also remember when I was 7 years old and we were in Hawaii. I must not have put the sunscreen on well because my day spent on the boogie board was evident on my back side. I remember it was hard sit for a while. This made me think of another sunburn I got which made it hard to sit. And this is the sunburn I'm choosing to write about today.

I will begin by saying I was a pretty good teenager. I'd like to think that I was a teenager most parents dream of having. I wasn't one who "hated" my parents. Sure there were moments I hated their rules but now that I'm a mom I'm very grateful. I'm pretty sure I would not be labeled a rebellious teen. However, I did have one or two moments of rebellion. One such moment left me with a pretty good sunburn.

Quick note to My mom and Dad who as they are reading this are discovering I did have a few secrets in my teenage years. Be grateful I didn't rebel in more ways and breath a sigh of relief that, in my opinion, I turned out great.

The details leading up the sunburn slip my mind as I can only remember the actual sunburn. So here is what I speculate the situation was. My parents were out of town...maybe it was the time they went to New Zealand and Australia with out me...and I was staying at my best friends house. It was take your child to work day and since my mom was a stay at home mom we decided to go to her place of work for the day. We put on our bathing suits and decided to work on our tan. Baby oil seemed like a great way to darken the skin. Instead of darkening my fair white skin it fried it in the sun. I was red and it hurt bad. Anything that touched it made my skin tingle with pain.

The day after was worse. I had to put clothes on to go to school but clothes just rubbed the skin and made it hurt even worse. I was a very modestly dressed teenager. I always wore shirts with sleeves and my skirts and shorts were never more than 2 inches above the knee. I don't even think I owned a tank top. My friend wasn't as conservative as me and she had this adorable sun dress hanging in her closet that I thought would be perfect to wear with my sunburn. It was sleeveless so my poor burnt shoulders would be able to breath. The dress was also a bit shorter then what I was used to wearing. It hung loosely all over so I didn't have to worry about the clothes bringing me any more pain. I borrowed the dress and off to school I went.

What I didn't plan on was how high the dress would rise when I sat down in the plastic school chairs. Did I mention the back of my thighs were burnt? When I would sit down in a chair the skirt would raise leaving the back of my thighs bare and touching the plastic chair. I discovered real quick that my skin would stick to the chair and every time I moved or got up it felt like my skin was tearing off. I went through my day sticking to chairs and grimacing in pain. Oh, and a back pack on bare burnt shoulders....that was pleasant too.

I learned a lot of lessons from this experience. 1. as with cooking, oil heats up real fast and can lead to a burn. 2. Had I worn a longer flowing skirt my legs could have been free of tight clothing and they would not have stuck to the chair. 3. Had I worn sleeves my back pack wouldn't have rubbed the skin on my shoulders. There is always a place for modesty even when sunburned.

Mama's Losin' It

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rainy Day Park Play

Today I met up with some girlfriends at our local playground. It was hot and humid when we arrived. The kids emptied one and a half boxes of Capri Suns and were starting in on the water bottles with in the first 30 minutes. Then the clouds rolled in and blocked the sun and a refreshing breeze helped to cool things down. Before we knew it, it was sprinkling. We decided it was just a light rain and would pass soon so the kids continued to play. Gradually the rain became harder and the other mothers and kids at the park were running to their cars. My girlfriends and I just sat there under the pavilion enjoying the cooler weather and our kids laughed and played in the rain. There was no thunder or lightning so we saw no need to leave.

The park transformed into a water park in a matter of minutes. Puddles formed at the bottom of the slides and Bubs enjoyed seeing how high the water splashed when he hit it. The climbing structures became a ship that was caught in a storm. The shredded tires below them was the dark sea and it held all sorts of deadly creatures they had to get by. It was fun just sitting and listening to them play in the rain.

At one point the rain stopped and we continued talking and enjoying our time. Out of the blue came a deep rumble and the dark clouds rolled in and dumped rain. It came down in sheets. Since the thunder had arrived it was time to load up and head out. As I was standing in the rain unlocking the van doors I was wishing I had the automatic sliding doors or at the very least doors with power locks. By the time we got in the car I was almost just as wet as the kids. It was a great day at the park.

Moral of the story: Don't let a little rain keep you from having a good time at the park. If there is no thunder and lightning enjoy your time.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Dress Now and 26 Years Ago

Yesterday I took LuLu to get her pictures taken. She picked which dress she wanted to wear and it happend to be the dress I wore for my Kindergarten pictures. Looking at my picture I'd say my daughter looks older at age 4 then I looked at age 6.

It was fun sharing this moment with my daughter. I'm grateful my mom saved a few of my childhood outfits that I didn't manage to destroy being a kid.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Pioneer Day

On July 24, 1847 the first group of Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley free of religious persecution. July 24 has since been known as Pioneer day in Utah and the Latter Day Saint culture. This Holiday is only second to the 4th of July in terms of celebrations in Utah. Throughout the LDS church today, stakes, wards, and branches (different congregations) are all doing activities today to celebrate the pioneers. Our Stake is having a Latin Pioneer activity. We are learning about the Saints that have come from Latin America to our city and how it has blessed the area here.

Pioneers are not just people who pushed handcarts across the Country. Pioneers are anyone who were the first to do something. They paved the way for us to do things. So, if you are not LDS I encourage you to take the time today to celebrate the pioneers in your life.

The video above was created by a childhood friend Emily Pond Ricks. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bye, Bye Binkie

There comes a time when a child just looks ridiculous sucking on a pacifier. For me, it hits right around the age of 2 1/2 years. When I see a child older than that walking around in public sucking on a pacifier it tells me the child is in charge. Now, this is strictly my opinion. My children all had pacifiers. I start to wean my children at 12 months. At this age they don't get to have their pacifier in public (except for church because the Binky does wonders at keeping a kid quiet). Once they hit 18 months of age I don't allow my kids to leave their bed with a Binky. They get to have it at nap time and bed time. It is a great way to help my children soothe themselves to sleep. Eventually though, they have to learn to fall asleep with out the aide of a Binky.

This time has arrived for KMae. She shares a bedroom with her 2 older sisters and they will be starting school in about 6 weeks. I figure if she is going to be crying herself to sleep it would be better to do it during the summer. At the beginning of last week she had 3 Binky's. One fell in a clogged toilet and rather than try and sterilize it I tossed it. One was left outside at a friends house and is now growing some black stuff inside of it. It got tossed. This morning she walked up to me and handed me her Binky and walked away. I took the time to snip the tip of it. I have found this to be the easiest way to wean a child from a Binky. It is easy to tell the child it is broken. She can see that and accept it. Here are some of the other methods I have tried.

For Na: One day when Bubs was a couple of weeks old I desperately needed a nap. I put Na (almost 3 years old) in her bed with her Binky and went to lay down with Bubs. Na decided this day she did not need a nap. I tried talking her into it but she wouldn't budge. Finally out of desperation I gave her a choice. I said "you can either go get in bed with your Binky and take a nap or you can go throw it in the garbage and stay up". I thought for sure she would go take a nap rather than throwing away her Binky but she didn't. She proudly threw it away and she got to stay up. At bedtime she asked for her Binky and I reminded her she threw it away and she accepted that and was fine.

For Bubs: One day I just got tired of seeing Bubs (maybe 2 yrs old) with a Binky so I took him to Build-a-Bear and he shoved all of his Binky's into a dog we named Binky. Once we got back to the car he was crying for his Binky and trying to rip open the dog. At bedtime when he asked for it I gave him the dog and he through it across the room. He cried for several nights for his Binky. It wasn't until a year ago that he started liking the dog. This was not the best idea because he knew his Binky's were there he just couldn't get to them.

For LuLu: Before KMae was born I knew LuLu needed to be weaned of the Binky or she would be trying to steal it from the baby. So, I read about the tip cutting and gave it a try. She understood broken and accepted it. I'm hoping it works the same for KMae.

What are ways you have used to wean your child from a Binky? I'll keep you posted on how successful it is for KMae.

Heaven on Earth

“How far to heaven? Just open your eyes and look. You are in heaven” -Shankar

Our trip this last June to Utah reminded me that I'm in Heaven when I'm surrounded by my family. We had a wonderful time at the family cabin just the 6 of us. I love seeing the world through the eyes of my children. They are each a little piece of Heaven on Earth for me.

Mama's Losin' It

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Homemade Play Dough

What do you do if it's raining outside and your kids need something to keep their hands busy? Have them play with play dough. You don't have any on hand? Not a problem. Make this homemade play dough in as little as 10 minutes. My children love to play with play dough. They will sit for hours creating snakes and cookies. It's fun for them too because I let them help add the ingredients.

Play Dough
1 C. flour
1 C. water
1/2 C. salt
1 Tbsp. oil
2 tsp. cream of tartar
Mix together in 2 quart pan. Add food color if desired.
Stir constantly over medium heat until the entire contents form a ball around the fork or whatever you stir with.
Take off stove; pour out to floured surface. Carefully knead to smooth texture. Kids love to watch and play with it warm.
Keep it in airtight container and it will last longer than the store bought kind.
I have my children play with the dough on plastic place mats for easy clean up. I don't have the mess on the table and all I need to do is wipe down the place mat.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Air Conditioning Maintainance

Summer is in full swing and the last thing you want is a broken air conditioner. Here are a few things I have learned over the years to keep your A/C working so there is no need to call the repair man. I should say that I do not know how an A/C unit works or all the technical terms.

The filter is a big key in how your A/C functions. You should replace your filter according your your A/C instructions. If you have no idea then the best thing to do is replace it once a month or every other month at the most. When the filter is full air cannot pass through. This makes it so air can not circulate with in the unit. This can cause many issues one of which is the unit not working efficiently leading to higher bills. This also can cause the unit to freeze up. Which is what I'm willing to bet is the main reason most A/C repair men get called.

The big freeze (as I like to call it) happens when your unit is running constantly to keep up. My idea on how this happens is this. If you have a dirty filter and the air can't circulate then condensation builds up and then begins to freeze. And you can't push air through ice. So, the first thing to do when your unit is not blowing cold air is to turn it off for a couple of hours. While it is turned off find your filter and replace/clean it. You might have to leave it off for some time to get the ice to melt all the way. After several hours (2-4) turn your unit back on and see if you have cooler air. You also might want to check for water from the ice melting and clean it up. It can cause quite a bit of water damage if you don't catch it. If it still doesn't work at this point then call the repair man.

The big freeze happened just a few weeks ago to us when we got back from our vacation. The unit was on constantly trying to cool the house from 88 (vacation setting) down to 75. It happened last week to my dear friend. She already had the appointment set with the repairman and was calling me to complain about how hot it was. I suggested she turn it off for a few hours. Sure enough, it worked and she cancelled her repairman and saved some money.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Clear the Air

Utah is starting a clear the air campaign. They could really use it since the mountains that surround the valleys there tend to trap the smog. I'm proud to say that my big brother is part of the campaign, the ad campaign that is.

Biking, skate boarding, walking, taking the bus, and carpooling are all great ways to help clear the air. What are some other ways you can think of?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Bucket List

I didn't think this would be hard but it was tricky after #50. I have lots of traveling to do.

  1. Get Married in the Temple
  2. Become a mom
  3. travel to England
  4. visit all 50 US states
  5. swim with dolphins
  6. visit a country south of Mexico
  7. Scuba dive
  8. visit the Great Barrier reef
  9. Travel to New Zealand
  10. Serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  11. Go on a cruise
  12. Get a college degree
  13. go to massage therapy school
  14. go to cosmetology school
  15. Go to culinary arts school
  16. Go to China
  17. attend the Olympic games (summer or winter)
  18. Take a cake decorating class
  19. knit socks
  20. Go para sailing
  21. Be on the Amazing Race with my husband
  22. Take my children to Disney World
  23. Drive from coast to coast in an RV
  24. See the worlds largest ball of yarn.
  25. Visit New York City at Christmas
  26. Go on an African Safari
  27. Have an apt 1 reunion
  28. own a house on some land.
  29. Visit Paris
  30. write my life story
  31. Visit Jerusalem
  32. Visit Spain
  33. Go on a week long vacation with hubby with out the kids
  34. Take ballroom dance classes
  35. Learn to clog or tap
  36. Learn to water ski
  37. Get my kicks on route 66
  38. Visit Graceland
  39. visit the Grand Ole Opry
  40. Try Escargot
  41. Visit Rome
  42. go Back packing
  43. Learn to crochet
  44. Visit all the LDS Temples in Utah
  45. Make a wedding cake
  46. write/publish a children's book
  47. see a performance on Broadway
  48. attend a live performance of Les Miserables with my husband
  49. Pet a tiger or lion (I love big Cats)
  50. View a whale in the wild
  51. visit Egypt
  52. Ride a camel
  53. Tour my husbands mission to Venezuela
  54. Take a boat across the Panama canal
  55. visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  56. visit the Taj Mahal
  57. Visit Stonehenge
  58. Visit the Great wall of China
  59. Visit Ground zero
  60. climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty
  61. Ride a Trolley in San Fransisco
  62. Drive across the Golden Gait Bridge
  63. Travel to Antarctica
  64. Visit Machu Picchu
  65. Tour the White House
  66. Drive across the Brooklyn Bridge
  67. Eat Belgium chocolates in Belgium
  68. Drive a motorcycle
  69. Dance in the rain
  70. Go White Water rafting
  71. Have at least 50 followers on my blog (almost there)
  72. Own a purse that costs more than $10
  73. Take a homeless person out to lunch or dinner to a place that doesn't serve fast food.
  74. See Wicked
  75. Go fishing in Alaska
  76. Go deep sea fishing
  77. Own a hot tub
  78. Own an unpractical yet amazing pair of shoes.
  79. Stop biting my finger nails
  80. Camp at the Grand Canyon
  81. Go Polar bear swimming
  82. visit a rain forest
  83. see Punxsutawney Phil
  84. See the Eiffel tower
  85. Witness a miracle
  86. Visit Time's Square
  87. Ice skate in Central Park
  88. Go surfing
  89. Bungee Jump
  90. Attend the Nauvoo Temple
  91. Knit an adult sweater
  92. Go shopping on Rodeo drive
  93. Own a cabin in the mountains
  94. Own Snowmobiles
  95. Own 4-wheelers
  96. Get a dog
  97. See Angel falls up close
  98. Be debt free
  99. Catch a shark
  100. Write a bucket list

Mama's Losin' It

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scentsy Retired Fragrances

Many of you may know but for those of you who don't, I'm a Independent Consultant with Scentsy Wickless Candles. I love these candles. I love that I can leave them on 24/7 and not have to worry. I love that with over 80 scents to choose from I can pick a scent to match my mood or the weather. I love not having to deal with an open flame around my children and cat since it runs off a light bulb. The month of July has even brought me more to love. Scentsy has brought back 20 of their most popular scents that have been discontinued. Some of which were discontinued before I became a consultant. I can hardly wait to try some of them.

Apples & Pears
Pears come first, then crisp fall apples. Fall/Winter.
Banana Nut Bread
Right from the oven with ripe bananas, nuts, and
spices. Bakery. SB-BNB
Blackberry Bushel
Juicy, ripe, bursting blackberries. Fruits & Flowers.
A warm cup of espresso with frothy steamed milk
and creamy vanilla. Favorites. SB-CAP
This sheer floral bouquet combines Moroccan
jasmine, lily of the valley, and bergamot. Romance.
Cheerful Day
Sunny lemon, white grapefruit, and mandarin with
French verbena and wildflowers. SB-CHE
With warm, spicy tones of nutmeg, rum, and cream,
this scent is a holiday favorite. Fall/Winter. SB-EGG
Soothing, medicinal, and fresh.Nature. SB-EUC
French Vanilla
Sweet, buttery vanilla. Bakery. SB-FVA
Fried Ice Cream
Vanilla with a nutty touch, along with
cinnamon and caramel. Bakery. SB-FIC
Key Lime Tortilla
Lime and kiwi combine for a south-of-theborder
sweet treat. Scent of the
Month. SB-KLT
Rich leather scent reminiscent of an old-fashioned
leather shop.
Spring/Summer. SB-LEA
Luscious Lemon
Light, creamy lemon. Fruits & Flowers.
Spicy, fresh and woody, this masculine
fragrance evokes strength and vitality.
Romance. SB-MYS
Newborn Nursery
Dreamy scent that evokes memories
of cradling your little ones. Favorites.
Pink Plumeria Passion
Hawaiian island blossoms with exotic
delicacy. SB-PKP
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, and
nutmeg. Fall/Winter. SB-PUM
Sizzlin’ Coconut
Tempting mix of cinnamon, coconut
milk, and rich vanilla. Bakery. SB-SIZ
Strawberry Sweetie
A fruity delight of juicy strawberries
sprinkled with sugar and vanilla. Fruits
& Flowers. SB-SBS
Watermelon Patch
Sweet, vine-ripened watermelon. Fruits
& Flowers. SB-WMP

If you are interested in any of these scents that are available for a limited time or any of the other 80+ fragrances please visit my Scentsy site and view an online catalog. If you email me your orders I'll pay your shipping and handling costs, a savings of 10%.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I Get It

I have many friends who are addicted to their diet drink. During the school year my best friend has her routine of dropping her kids off at school and then going through the drive through at Mc. D's or Sonic to get her diet drink (hold the ice so there is more ). I assume this addiction is related to the caffeine in the beverage and they need it to get through the morning since they don't drink coffee. I don't drink caffeine so perhaps this is why I don't get it. Or at least I didn't get it until a few weeks ago.

I still don't drink caffeine but ever since my trip to Utah I have found my own addiction to Root Beer growing. My in laws had several bottles of it and we seemed to have some with every meal. Once I got back home I found myself craving root beer. I think about it while I'm eating breakfast. I think about it when I'm eating lunch. I think about it while I'm doing just about everything. Yes, I have stopped at Sonic to get a root beer. I'm trying to control this craving but, when the grocery store gives me a 12 pack for free just for buying some meat I'm going to take it by golly. Just a second...I need to go get a can now.

Ahhhhhh. That's better.

It's that moment I take the first sip. Everything stands still but the bubbles dancing in my mouth and down my throat as I swallow. It is cold and refreshing on a hot summer day. The blast of flavor is invigorating compared to my usual water. While I don't think I will be frequenting my Sonic or Mc. D's on a regular basis to get the beverage I can understand why my friends do. I'm going to get control of this addiction before it takes control of me....just as soon as I finish this can.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th Of July

I'm so grateful for the freedoms I have. Happy Birthday America!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Doing Gods Work

Things are always a little more crazy around my house in the summertime. With all 4 kids home there is more bickering and more whining and I get worn down quickly. But videos like this one give me the strength and the inspiration to continue doing my best. I love my children and I love being a mother and I'm so glad God saw me fit to be the mother of these 4 little angels.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What I've been Working on

I found a new crochet hat pattern I love to do.


Just thought I would throw out a reminder: wear sunscreen. I spent several hours at Sea World yesterday and remembered to put sunscreen on my kids but neglected myself. It was an overcast day so I didn't think much of it. Well, I thought of it all night long as the bed sheets touched my skin.