Monday, July 5, 2010

I Get It

I have many friends who are addicted to their diet drink. During the school year my best friend has her routine of dropping her kids off at school and then going through the drive through at Mc. D's or Sonic to get her diet drink (hold the ice so there is more ). I assume this addiction is related to the caffeine in the beverage and they need it to get through the morning since they don't drink coffee. I don't drink caffeine so perhaps this is why I don't get it. Or at least I didn't get it until a few weeks ago.

I still don't drink caffeine but ever since my trip to Utah I have found my own addiction to Root Beer growing. My in laws had several bottles of it and we seemed to have some with every meal. Once I got back home I found myself craving root beer. I think about it while I'm eating breakfast. I think about it when I'm eating lunch. I think about it while I'm doing just about everything. Yes, I have stopped at Sonic to get a root beer. I'm trying to control this craving but, when the grocery store gives me a 12 pack for free just for buying some meat I'm going to take it by golly. Just a second...I need to go get a can now.

Ahhhhhh. That's better.

It's that moment I take the first sip. Everything stands still but the bubbles dancing in my mouth and down my throat as I swallow. It is cold and refreshing on a hot summer day. The blast of flavor is invigorating compared to my usual water. While I don't think I will be frequenting my Sonic or Mc. D's on a regular basis to get the beverage I can understand why my friends do. I'm going to get control of this addiction before it takes control of me....just as soon as I finish this can.

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  1. HAHAH! This is so true. Addictions start by subtle desensitization or sensitization, as the case may be. The great thing is, once a person recognizes that it isn't helpful, the healing can begin.
    I got into the habit of having a snack at night as we watched TV/a movie while my sister was here. It took me recognizing the craving as habit instead of need before I could stop my robotic steps to the kitchen for some munchies.


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