Monday, August 9, 2010

Copy Cat Burrito

The other day I was craving a new flavor. One I could only go out to eat to get. Then I remembered a recipe I saw last week from Crystals Cozy Kitchen for Mexican Style Burritos.
Here recipe called for Beef Carnita but I didn't have any beef on hand. I wanted to use chicken. This led me to think some Cafe Rio chicken sure would be nice and then I remembered there were all sorts of knock off recipes for it online. So, I went to Kalyn's Kitchen and found the recipe for the Cafe Rio Chicken as well as the Cafe Rio Rice. She also has the recipe for the cilantro dressing but I didn't have all the ingredients to make that.

I was a little worried that the rice was going to be super spicy since it called for a can of chopped green chilis but it was perfect. My kids gobbled it up and I heard lots of "mmmm" and "yummmm". This dinner got me several high fives.

To make my copy cat burrito I used the Beans from Crystals Cozy Kitchen, the chicken and rice from Kaylyn's Kitchen, and some frozen corn. Since I didn't have dressing my husband put salsa on his. I like sweet more than hot so I decided to add a touch of Ken's Steakhouse Sweet Vidalia onion dressing to mine.

One of these days I should really learn to take great pictures that make the food look more appetizing.


  1. The chicken from Kalyn's kitchen sounds delightful! I really like Cafe Rio! I'm glad you liked the bean recipe! You made me want to have these for dinner tonight ;).


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