Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

(Lulu, Na, and Bubs standing outside their school. Na didn't want me to walk her to her class and I told her too bad. It is my right as her mother to walk her to her class on her first day of school and I plan on doing it until she enters middle school)

The day has finally come to send my kids back to school. I love this time of year. Could be my love for school supplies and organization stuff that goes on sale this time of year but I think it is more because my days get a little less crazy. I love my children and I love being with them. What I don't love is the constant mess that follows them where ever they go. I call them my Texas tornadoes. I have yet to master getting them to clean up after themselves. So, when they are in school my house will look the same all day long. What little mess they make after school they get cleaned up before bed.
Today I've been reading the FB statuses of many of my friends. I think all but one have been along the lines of the separation anxiety the parents are feeling having their kids gone from them all day. I admit, I went through this when my oldest started Kindergarten. I watched the clock all day long the first week. After the first weekend I was fine and ready for her to go back to school. Am I a bad mom because I didn't watch the clock all day? Am I a bad mom because I want my children to be at school? These thoughts have been entering my mind today and just as the guilt starts to creep in I remind myself that my kids are smart and I have raised them to be successful independent children. My children are capable of many things because I have allowed them to be. I know my kids can make it through a school day with out me. I also know that they are surrounded by many loving and caring adults who who want what is best for them just like I do. However, when they get off the bus in a little bit, I'll be waiting with open arms and some cookies to hear all about their first day of school.

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