Thursday, November 5, 2009


I look around me at my friends, family, neighbors and even strangers and realize I'm surrounded by amazing women. The Grandmother on my street who has so lovingly adopted me and my family while we are both separated from our extended families. The stay at home moms who manage to run a house, raise kids, and still have time to serve those around them in need. The women who have to go to work to support there family only to come home and start their second shift as mother. I see women dealing with trials in their life that I wouldn't be able to handle with a 10th of the grace they do.

I recently was introduced to a blog of an ispiring Woman. Her name is Stephanie and she writes The NieNie Dialogues. Some of you may have seen her on Oprah a couple of months ago. On her blog she wrights about her life, her children, and her joys and sorrows. Just over a year ago her and her husband were in a fiery plane crash that left her severly burned over most of her body. Some of her posts are how she deals with her new appearance and her healing body. This post brought tears to my eyes. Her testimony of God and his love for her ring true for me too. To all you women out there, I want you to know that you are amazing and that God loves you. You are one of his special daughters. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me in my life.

Click the following link for an inspirational message.

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