Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm quite certain that if you look up the word Trouble in the dictionary there will be a picture of my youngest KMae right next to it. I think it is her mission in life lately to make sure we do not get our house in perfect condition before we sell it. In the last couple of weeks she has managed to:

  • get into wet paint and paint her bedroom furniture.
  • paint her body.
  • Draw on my bedspread with a purple sharpie.
  • Draw on the recently painted wall with a ball point pen.
  • Pee on pretty much every surface in my house (been my worst yet to potty train)
  • Put gobs of shampoo on her hair and all over the bathroom floor sans bath time
  • Dump gold nail polish on my bathroom floor.
  • Dump out Grandpa's pill box (fortunately she only partook of the Vitamin E)
  • Color with oil pastels and crayons on Na's bed spread.
Kmae and KBaby six months ago getting into my Scentsy testers.
Yesterday I was folding laundry and enjoying the company of my parents who are in town.
Kbaby (KMae's best friend) and KMae were upstairs playing with the doll house and their baby dolls....or so I thought. My dad went upstairs and discovered the girls had dumped the contents of his daily pill box all over the floor. Pills were scattered across a 3 foot patch of carpet. There were big brown ones and itty bitty pink ones and a slew of colors and sizes in between. A few we could tell had been tasted (they were slobbery) but not consumed. I count my blessings only a Vitamin E was not recovered.

While my dad was cleaning that up I was on my way to put the girls in time out when I discovered they had taken about 20 of my Scentsy bars from inventory and had them all open and arranged on the floor so they could smell them.  I am glad I have such little fans of my business but, I wish they would wait for me to assist them in smelling the scents. When they got done cleaning up that mess I see Na's art kit open and laying on her bed. Next to it were scribbles in crayon and oil pastel.

I am sure there are many more things I have yet to discover. This child is a walking tornado. It is compounded when Kbaby comes over to play. Most of the above occurred with her friend. These two should not be left alone together.

I should add that, with the exception of the pill box, I take some responsibility. The items gotten into should have been placed out of reach of tiny hands. The pill box was placed on the top of a dresser but the girls flipped over a tub and climbed up to get it.

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