Wednesday, March 23, 2011

4 Years of Living

We have lived in our current house for 4 years. Looking back and the changes we have made has been fun. Here is a picture tour of our house 4 years ago and now. The left side is 4 years ago and the right side is current.


We put flower beds in front and along the sides of the house. The tree is a crepe myrtle and is fire cracker red when it is blooming.
 The kitchen. For showing purposes we took the leaf out of the table to make it smaller. The chairs that are on the right in the current picture get taken out of the house. We have replaced the vinyl floor with tile and added a few decorations.
We sold the coffee table, old tv, and entertainment center and upgraded to a newer/modern version.
 The game room has had quite a few changes. We re-arranged furniture. Sold the futon and the rocking chairs. got a different entertainment center and a new tv.

 The table is now in our bedroom serving as The Doctor's study desk. We no longer have the computer upstairs and all the craft stuff is in my bedroom closet. The room is really big and spacious for the kiddos to play.
 The girls room was painted. new bedding was purchased and the crib is in storage. KMae sleeps on a crib mattress that gets pushed under Na's bed during the day. We look forward to getting her, her very own bed with the new house. Most of the baby toys were sold at a garage sale.

 Bubs room went from bright colorful toddler room to a room with a cal king bed. He is the one that gets kicked out of his room when company comes. We were going to buy him a new bed then decided to get ourselves a new bed and move the old one into his room. He likes a big bed and I frequently find him sleeping with 10 cars circled around him.

I never took a before picture of our bedroom because it was never fully unpacked until last month. That's right, I still had boxes from when we moved in sitting on the floor. Plus, our bedroom was always the dumping ground for the last of the stuff that needed to be cleaned before people came over. Ahhhh it is so nice to have a clean and organized bedroom. Yes, I should have done this 4 years ago. The cowhide and the longhorns were our treasures picked up from our time spent living in Fort Worth.


  1. Your bedroom cracks me up! We haven't started personalizing our house yet - like you say, there are still boxes around from moving in, although I think we're down to 2.

  2. Your house looks beautiful. The curb appeal you added makes it SOOOO nice! We've been in our house for 3.5 years and we've only ever put curtains up in the girls' room....not sure why we didn't do more. Every window has mini blinds, so I guess I just called it good.
    Best wishes on moving on!!


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