Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vacation at Last

I have been so busy lately getting my house from this....
 to this...
  that I have negelcted blogging.

Actually, that first picture was from when we retiled our kitchen floors last year and moved everything into the family room. It has not been that bad since least I don't think so. We are moving this summer and I have had my work cut out for me in preparing my house to go on the market. I didn't realize what hoarders my husband and I were. We got rid of so much stuff and probably will have so much more to get rid of just before we move. I finally have my house the way I have wanted it for the last 4 years. Ahhhh it is nice. I will do a picture tour later. After all the work I put into it I needed a vacation bad so we went here...
The beaches of Destin, Florida were welcoming. It was our first family vacation in 8 years where it was an actual vacation. No work, weddings, or funerals involved. Just my family, the beach, pool, and a condo. It was amazing. I'll post pics later. Until then, just look at this white sand beach and crystal waters and imagine you are there soaking up the sun.

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