Monday, May 16, 2011

My Birthday is Postponed

Just want to inform you that my birthday will be postponed until further notice. Not because I'm putting off turning (cough) 31 but because  how I'm going to spend my day today is not how anyone should have to spend their birthday.

Tomorrow we are having the appraisal done on our house and after a weekend with a houseful of extra kids I'm going to be spending today cleaning it and in the words of Annie, making it "shine like the top of the Chrysler Building".

Bubs woke up around 4:15 AM came into my room and said "happy Birthday Mom" I said thank you and sweet. Well around 4:30 AM I heard him sobbing in his room. When The Doctor asked him what was wrong he said "I have the worst sore throat ever". Well, the only time people use that phrase is when they are suffering from strep. The Doctor to a look and he most definitely has strep. So, I will get to take my son to the doctors office today. The boy probably came into my room today to tell me he wasn't feeling well and then decided to suck it up and tell me happy birthday and let me sleep instead. After a dose of IB profen he is sleeping the morning away.

I cancelled my Birthday lunch with some girlfriends and my Birthday dinner date with The Doctor. So, if you want to wish me a happy Birthday today that is fine but just know, today is not my birthday, at least not this year. I will be celebrating later at a date that is TBA.  Now I'm off to go scrub some toilets while I still have 2 kids sleeping.

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  1. Awww, your poor little guy. Here's to shiny toilets and awesome women who are willing to postpone birthdays!


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