Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Will not be switching to Broadview Security

We have an alarm system in our house and we are close to the end of our contract. Other security companies must be aware of that because they are coming to our door. Last week we had a salesman from Broadview Security (formerly Brinks) come by. He was super nice and we like what he had to offer. He told us that if we switched to his company we would get 2 new upgraded keypad systems for free among other things and our price would be less than what we are paying now. We went ahead and agreed to the switch. Well, an hour after his supervisor, Robert, called and explained that since we had a different system then they expected they could not give us the 2 keypads they could only upgrade the one and, our rates would go up but, he would throw in an extra free month so then the rates would even out to be about the same. My husband wasn't impressed and told him that we were going to cancel. The supervisor went on to tell my husband the company we had was horrible and they have so many problems but Broadview is #1 for customer service. He explained how you never see commercials on TV for our current company but Broadview has them and they are so well known...yadayadayada. My husband told him..."I see commercials on TV all the time for McDonalds but, when I want the best burger, I'm going to Long Horn, and I've never seen a single commercial for them"
The guy went on and then eventually my husband told him we needed to talk about it again and we would get back to them.
Well, we talked about it and decided that we were going to stay with our current company. We haven't had any problems with them. I've had to call them several times about silly things and they have always been nice to me. They have done their job when the alarm has gone off. I'm happy with them and our rates will be dropping soon anyway.
We have had company in town and I lost the papers that had the phone number on it to call and cancel and frankly, I just plain forgot. I have 4 kids running around me and lately their have been more important things going on. Today the doorbell rang and I looked to see who it was and I remembered I forgot to cancel. I opened the door and the technician was very polite and friendly. I explained the situation and he said not a problem, it has happened before. He gave me the number I could call to talk to Robert.
I called Robert and told him I lost the papers, we had family in town, and I forgot to call to cancel. He explained to me that when he hung up the phone with my husband we had given the go ahead. He started getting a little rude tone to his voice but I brushed it over since I had after all wasted their time. He went on and on again about their superior service. I gently reminded him that we have not had a problem with service with our current company but we have already had problems with their service. I asked a few questions then told him I was going to give a call to my husband and if he said no he would hear back from me.
Well, I interrupted Mike during one of his cases and he agreed that we were going to stay with who we had. I apologized again to the technician for wasting his time. He assured me it was okay. He was totally nice and I really did feel bad for wasting his time. I then called Robert back and told him we were indeed going to cancel. At this point the tone in his voice became very condescending and he said "let me get this straight. You are going to stay with your sub par company because they are cheaper?" Then once again he went in on his spiel about how much better they were. I cut him off and said "no, I'm not staying with them because they are cheaper. I'm staying with them because I have not had a single problem with them. They have been nice and done what they said they were going to do. The tone of voice you are using with me is making sure that your company is a company that I do not want to do business with!" and then I hung up on him. I know totally rude for me to hang up on him but I just couldn't take anymore of him talking at me.
Well, he called right back and I sent him to voicemail. He left a message (in a condescending tone) saying they typically don't like sending technicians out to homes when the customers are going to cancel." Broadview may have a better service than the company I currently have but, my experience with this man has forever left a dark cloud when I think of this company.
Yes, I was in the wrong for not cancelling sooner but, that does not give someone the right to talk to me in such a manner.

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  1. We got trapped in a contract because a certain security company authorized the "free agent" to promise anything to get the sale, when we caught on to the scam, we tried to cancel, to no avail. As of August, we will be finished with said company (it would cost 75% of the remaining contract to end early...and it was a 3-year deal). So, I completely understand about the annoying hard-sale business leaving a bad taste in your mouth.


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