Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Malem Bedwetting Alarm Review

I was beginning to think Bubs was never going to be night time potty trained. He is approaching the age of sleepovers and I didn't want him to have to wear a night time pull up while he was over at friends. More importantly, he didn't want to have to wear pull ups either. The problem is he is a deep sleeper. He has even slept through our house alarm going off. We would wake him up several hours after he had fallen asleep and sometimes he would already be wet and other times he would stumble to the bathroom and stand in front of the toilet and sleep. I would have to splash water in his face to get him alert enough to pay attention to what he was doing.I finally broke down and spent the $120 and purchased a Malem bed wetting alarm. I read the reviews of it at the Bedwetting Store  and figured it was worth a try.

There are a couple of different models. Some just have a single alarm sound, some have variable alarm sounds, and others have vibration with alarms.  I opted to buy the one that vibrated as well as had variable alarms, the Malem Ultimate. The benefit of this alarm is he can feel the vibration as well as hear the alarm. The variable sounds means every time the alarm goes off there is a different sound to it making it so he doesn't learn to tune the alarm out.

The first night he slept through the alarm 3 times. Each time I would hear it from my bedroom and go to his room and wake him up. The next night the alarm went off once and he slept through it. Night three when the alarm went off he stopped mid stream and made it to the bathroom for the rest. For about 2 weeks he was dry every other night and stopping mid stream when he heard the alarm on the other nights. After 3 weeks he remained dry every night. He would either wake up and go or be able to hold it all night. We had pretty fast results with it which I was quite pleased with. I believe the general guidelines Malem has set up is allow 12 weeks. We are now on week 9 or so and he has remained dry every night since the end of week 3.

If you have been wondering about purchasing a bedwetting alarm or wondering what to do for your child who is still wetting at night, I highly recommend this alarm. Prices vary depending on the models but you can expect to pay between $80-$130. I ended up getting mine at Amazon because I got the free shipping with it.

Now, if I could just get my two year old day potty trained. I wonder if I could use the alarm on that...?

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