Friday, July 31, 2009

Sierra Solutions: Clean and Simple

The other night I had a gentleman come to my door selling a cleaning solution. I actually let my husband open the door because I don't turn people away as easily and quickly as he does. I went about my own business while my husband listened to the sales pitch. I was waiting to hear him turn him away but he didn't he kept on listening and watching the demonstration and then next thing I knew he had invited the man into our home to test the product on some spots in the carpet. I was a little shocked that my husband had let this go on for as long as he had and my curiosity was peaked. I stopped what I was working on and went to watch what was going on. The man sprayed this cleaner on a dark spot on our carpet, let it sit for 30 seconds while he explained a few things and then he took a white towel and blotted up the mess. Right there, right before my eyes, with no scrubbing the spot was gone. Now I was really interested. He proceeded to explain the product and showed a few more things it could do. 15 minutes after the doorbell rang we were purchasing a gallon of Clean and Simple, a product of Sierra Solutions. Here is what the company website has to say about Clean and Simple.

clean & simple™is an all-purpose, all-surface, super cleaner concentrate,
specially blended from the finest ingredients available, that when diluted with
water, will clean virtually any water washable surface.
clean &
simple™can be used easily, economically, and effectively, at two different
strengths, for literally hundreds of difficult cleaning jobs. With the consumer
in mind, clean & simple™is designed to cost-effectively replace 95% of the
typical cleaning products that a home, small business, or industry might use.
Unlike many other cleaning concentrates on the market, clean &
simple™has to be mixed at only two different dilution's for all your cleaning
needs. It is cost-effective and will save you money! In its diluted form, clean
& simple™costs 64 cents per quart to use as a general purpose cleaner and
only 8 cents per quart as a glass and mirror cleaner. By mixing and using clean
& simple™for all your cleaning needs, you will save literally hundreds of
dollars a year in money that you would normally spend on conventional
store-bought products!
clean & simple™can also be added to carpet
cleaning machines and pressure washers for various other cleaning

So, does Clean & Simple live up to what it claims? I've been trying it out today on several different surfaces and here is what I can tell you.

I have been impressed with it as a carpet spot remover. I've been having fun going around my house and cleaning up the spots that 4 kids will leave behind. I just spray the solution on rub it in a bit and then wait for about 30 seconds and then wipe/blot. It works every time. It even got some blue ink out of my carpet.

I next tried it on my windows, glass top coffee table, and TV screen which are top places for fingerprints. The sales guy claims it will "repel" fingerprints for up to 7 days. I tried to leave my fingerprints where I had cleaned and I couldn't. Perfect for 40 little fingers I have roaming around my house. It is also good at cleaning pet nose prints and slobber.

The final test for me for today was my oven. I haven't cleaned it in over a year. I warmed the oven up so it was warm but I could still touch it. I sprayed the cleaner on and then waited for a bit then began to wipe. Most of the stuff wiped clean pretty quick but I did have a big spot that was really baked on. I had to scrub and scrub to get it to come clean. After 30-45 minutes of scrubbing I decided my oven was good enough for now and I stopped. I've decided it works good for cleaning the spills that aren't completely baked on but the self clean cycle works much better. However, this product is completely green and doesn't release harsh chemicals into the air or require a lot of energy use.

My only complaint about this product is it is not a disinfectant. I don't think it has any antibacterial properties so it is not good for cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. But, I do believe it will replace all of the other cleaning products in your house. Think of the money and space you can save.
You can find out more information by visiting the Sierra Solutions website. If you decide to order I'm sure my distributor would be happy if you used his distributor number to make your purchase. His number is 7770369.

It even removes rust from your driveway.


  1. I agree with the article above almost completely. Although i didn't try in on an oven, I did use it on our huge gas grill with iron grates and with 2 applications it made the grates look like new. I first applied 10 to 1 solution with a scotbrite sponge, while it was still warm, barely warm, and worked it in for a few moments and let it sit for about 5 minutes, and very gently rubbed each grate under the faucet and the grate was 60-70 % clean with very little effort. I repeated the above and my porcelien painted iron grates looked nearly new. I mix the product 10 to 1 because it does everything at that level of concentration with very little streaking on windows. That's all I can say we truly do like this product and wonder why don't everyone know about it. I bought it after my father in law tried it to clean a faint black residue off his gutters. Now a power washer with clean many things and this product is obviously enhanced by the use of a powerwasher; however, if your not carefull a power washer can remove the finish off your concrete. I used clean and simple to clean up my driveway including grease and oil etc but I didn't need very much water pressure to make my driveway look beautiful.

  2. I just bought some after seeing the oil stain come right off of my neighbor's driveway! It works great on the soap scum in the shower but I still have the hard water stains so I will spray some more on it today and see what happens. I sprayed it around my sink facets AND it worked awesome on that gunk that never seems to come up!

  3. I just bought some (I'm horrible at saying no). Of course, I immediately started researching the company on the internet. I'm happy to read such a good review from a mom - I have a 2 year old, a dog and a cat. I was totally impressed when the salesman removed a dog stain from our carpet. I hope I made a good decision and that my husband agrees!

  4. My son works for the company and the owner is a really nice guy who gives individuals an opportunity to make a good living and to sell a very good product. It will clean everything.

  5. Excellent read. I like your style...have a good one!

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  6. I purchased some and all I can say is What the heck is in this stuff. It cleans everything. I use it on laundry, glass, granite and carpet. I have white carpet throughout my house. This morning I spilled a huge cup of coffee in my bedroom and freaked out. I thought for sure that I'd never get it all out without some residue of a stain. Its gone - I can't believe it. This stuff is amazing & I'm stocking up

  7. OMG! I just bought some too! Its so amazing! I cleaned years old duct tape residue off of our porch window, spray paint from our garage floor, and all the baked on yuckiness form under the stovetop burners! Its incredible stuff!!! :)

  8. OMG! I just bought a gallon! Its a little expensive ($75) but wow, it works! I jsut cleaned duct tape residue (years old) off of our porch window, rust off of my husbands old car, spray paint from the driveway, and the baked on stuff from under my stovetop burners! They key is to let it sit for a minute or so. I have aboslutely no complaints!

  9. i work for this company and have for years ... I love clean and simple for our laundry especially with a 1 year old ... it removes everything, doesn't smell so people with breathing problems it's amazing ! I do agree with the shower thing it is amazing in the shower and for grout and tile ! if you have never used it for that do it it's great ! Thank you for all your great reviews and support ....

  10. I have worked for sierra solutions for years. My mom use's the cleaner for work and home and she loves it for everything ! I love it for laundry and bath rooms . To make it a disinfectant all you have to do is add a little to the already mixed solution and than go ... it is amazing for laundry especially with children and pets i know to i have a 12 month old ... Its amazing in the showers the cars and carpets ... i use it for so many things and save sooo much money ! Thank you for all of you guys and galls that use and support out company and cleaner !

  11. Sierra Solutions claims they have an A+ Rating with the BBB but its a lie if you actually go and search it. I use to work for them, they treating me like Crap, the employees are always on meth, worst work experience of my life. They fired me for no reason.. I used their product on my Red toms and two days later the grease stain came back. Sorry all of you guys got ripped off. Worst experience of my freaking life. woooooow

  12. what sucks is the kids that work for him have never had a thing in their live so travailing is a luxury kind of thing for them so they think their living it up when really there moving from one crappy hotel/motel to the next living off cheap fast food or what ever they cooked up in their room. none of them own a thing, their prized possessions are some shoes or cloths or a smartphone maybe even a laptop but that's about it and that is still junk or used or they own that one or few shoes and pretty much that is what they have worked for forever 6 days a week of pride less work. even the people that have been their for the past decade don't have any real valuables

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  14. ". . . my curiosity was peaked."




    I too love Clean & Simple. However, it is in fact perfect for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. All soaps/detergents kill bacteria. The so-called "antibacterial" claims on certain cleaning products are just a marketing tactic. Otherwise, great post.

  15. By the way, this is the only product I've found that cleans the inside of my coffee pots. I had tried for years to find something that cleans that smelly stain, even cutting up hand and wrist trying to scrub it out . . . I'm pretty driven, I guess :P (I have the Cuisinart insulated type of stainless steel pots and they have a small opening.) It's effortless too, just put about a half cup to a cup of full strength C&S in the pot and fill with water. Let it sit for 24 hours. Use the same solution to clean a second pot.

  16. I just went to the car wash and I brought my clean & simple with me! Wow wow wow! It looks amazing! And my kids are messy! I used it on the entire car. windows, door panels, door jams, floor mats, carpet spots, tires, rims, trim, the dirt stuck in the grooves...there was a ton I used it on! I practically used the entire bottle! Guess I will mix another one! :)


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