Saturday, August 1, 2009

Storing Strategically with Containers

Most people have a hard time getting rid of things even when they don't use it or have no real use for it. Instead it stays around collecting dust and using up valuable space. If our homes are cluttered with these things it creates more work and stress with in the home. So, if you find yourself wanting to hold onto things that you have no use for, then put them in storage. Ideally it would be nice to have a storage unit away from home but since those cost money not everyone is able to benefit from them. There are many storage solutions for use at home. One such solution is to use containers. Containers are great because they come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Here are some tips for storing your things in containers.

  • Use transparent containers as often as possible. When you use solid color containers you can't see inside to know what is in each container. Transparent containers allow you to easily see inside and know what is in the container so you can find things when you need them. If you do use a solid color container put a list of the contents in a page protector and tape it to the side of the container so you know exactly what is inside.
  • Stack the bins as high as you can safely, with out the risk of them falling over. Select an empty corner or wall in a closet, pantry, spare room, etc. and use the vertical space available. I have a huge walk in closet where we only need 2 walls of the room for our everyday things. The other 2 walls have floor to ceiling shelves with tubs and boxes of things we just can't part with yet.
  • I have a pile of papers that gathers on a little counter in my kitchen. I try to organize them by placing them in stack-able files but the space on the counter is still taken up even with the files. So, I'm going to buy a vertical file for these papers. If they are stored upright they are only taking up 8.5" x 3-4" of space instead of 8.5" by 11". Don't be afraid to place containers on their side if they will take up less space this way.
  • Have items that you need access too often but not all the time in containers on wheels. This way you can roll it out when you need to use it and then roll it back into a closet when you don't. My craft supplies are in bins on wheels for this very purpose.
    Store items in bins with slide out drawers for things you need to get into frequently. This is how I store my children's toys.
  • Incorporate storage boxes into your decorations. Stack bins that are the same and then throw fabric that matches the room over the top. You can create an end table or side table this way. Or, take corrugated cardboard boxes that are used for storing office supplies (get these at office supply stores) and cover them with fabric. You can do this by spraying glue to the outside of the box and then covering them with coordinating fabric.

These are just a few of the ideas that I have found. Please share your ideas for storing solutions using containers.

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