Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Dream House

(picture this house minus the alpacas. source)

The Doctor finishes his medical residency next year so we are in the process of finding a job which means a new place to live. I have wasted many hours looking at houses online in places we may or may not move to. Not to mention the houses I'm looking at today most likely will not be available next summer. We would love to just get back to the mountain west but. I've looked in Arizona, Montana, Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Texas. It is amazing how different the housing is across the country. In one place a house within our budget gets us a 3-4 bedroom house approx 2500 sq ft and in another location for the same price we could get a 3500 sq ft house on 5 acres with a pool. All of this looking has really got me thinking about what my dream house would look like.

I want a white farm house on at least one acre. The house will have charcoal shutters and a red front door. I dream of having a covered porch that wraps around from the front to the back of the house. Several rocking chairs and perhaps a swing will grace my front porch perfect for relaxing on summer evenings.

When you walk through the front door a music room/living room will be on the left and perhaps a formal dining room on the right. Straight ahead will be stairs taking me to the second floor. To the right of the stairs is the path strait to the kitchen.  A big kitchen with granite countertops, dual ovens, and a sink that overlooks the back yard. There will be plenty of counterspace for entertaining. To the left of the kitchen (connecting to the music room/living room) is the family room. Off the kitchen to the right will be the mud/laundry room.
From the front foyer there is a hall that leads to the right past the formal dining room. Down this hall will be The Doctor's office/library. In addition to a desk it will have floor to ceiling bookshelves which will be filled with our favorite books. There will be 2 big fluffy reading chairs by a window. Further down the hall will be my office/craft room. Built in shelves and drawers will house all my rubber stamps, inks, papers, yarn, and fabric.

The upstairs of the house will have 4 bedrooms and 2 or 3 bathrooms. The master bedroom will be more of a master suite. There will be room for a bed as well as a nice sitting area. The master bathroom will have a big jacuzzi tub and a dual head shower.

The basement of the house will have a game room complete with a pool/ping pong table. A home theatre would be nice too. I will also have a great big room for storage. Half of the room will be for food storage and the other half will be for what ever else I have to store.

This house is just a dream for now but hopefully one day it will be a reality.
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  1. My dream house would clean itself, never need touch up painting, nothing would stain and it could grow or reduce rooms as we need them without the construction costs/mess.
    I think your dream house is much closer to reality. =)
    PS When you do move, check into foreclosed homes. Just a tidbit of info to share.

  2. Your dream house sounds fantastic! My own dream house will have most of the same features as yours--especially the kitchen, craft room, and office/library. One day I'll have mine too... Only it'll be a LONG time from now. So I've contented myself to loving where I live for now--which is easy to do after living in a miserable basement of an old dilapidated house. Your dream house is a lot closer than mine, and I have no doubt that you'll get it one day!

  3. Oh, your dream house sounds perfect!!The Master Bathroom sounds divine!!!

  4. Your dream house sounds AMAZING! I look forward to reading all about it when it becomes a reality :)


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