Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

We made it back home from our two week trip to AZ and UT. During our time we experienced all sorts of weather. We went from 115 degree weather in AZ to 34 degree weather in the mountains of UT and experienced everything in between. It even tried to snow on us a little. The 2 weeks went by really fast but when we got home I realized we were gone for quite some time. I tried to have the house all clean before I left but missed a cup with about an inch of milk left in it. It was my husbands which is probably why I missed it. Well, there were some fruit flies that made it into the house and as you can imagine with us being gone for 2 weeks and the AC being set at 84 they decided to multiply and replenish in my house. There were eggs, maggots, and fruit flies swarming the cup when we got home. I made him clean it up. So, the next time you leave for vacation don't leave a cup of milk out on the counter. I know we won't make the same mistake again. It is good to be back in my own bed and with my own things. Now I just need to get back on a routine for the summer. I'll be back to blogging tomorrow.

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  1. Oh, so gross! I think I remember something similar (but worse) from when my family went on a vacation. Someone forgot to flush the toilet before we left.... Yeah, that's all the detail I'll go into...

    You're lucky it was only a cup of milk!


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