Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not Me and I Don't Know Have Moved In

It seems lately I can't find anything I need. My house can be a little chaotic (yes Dad I know it might be more than a little ) but for the most part I know where everything is in the chaos. I think it must be a mom gift. I'm sure you have experienced this gift in your life too. Hubby calls out "hon, have you seen my blue shirt with the white stripe?" You immediately reply "it's draped across your chair under your red shirt" or some other obscure place that you saw it. You just know where things are. Because of this you are frequently asked where things are. I must not be on top of things as much as of late because there have been 2 things that I desperately need to find.

I went to gather the library books and DVD's to return them and I can't find Strawberry Shortcakes Big Journey anywhere. I managed to find the case but not the DVD itself. I ask the kids who pulled it out of the DVD player (the last place I saw it) and I get a chorus of "Not Me". I ask the kids where the movie is and get another familiar reply of "I Don't Know." So the search begins. I look in all of the DVD cases we have which is a significant amount. I look in all the DVD players and computers. I look under the DVD player, VCR, TV, and even behind the entertainment center. My search yielded one find, the Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD that has been missing since March but still no Strawberry Shortcake. After searching for all the renewal time I get I have accepted the fact that it is lost. Not Me and I Don't Know have taken the movie and are forcing me to pay the $16 fee to replace the DVD at the library. I went to pay for it yesterday and the librarian was nice enough to tell me I could probably find the DVD cheaper elsewhere and then just bring it in. He renewed the movie for me for another 3 weeks so I could find it. Thanks to EBay I only spent $9 and Strawberry Shortcakes Big Journey will get here sometime next week.

The DVD isn't the only thing I Don't Know and Not Me have taken. Our neighbors have been out of town and they have asked us to get their mail. The key was left in my hand and I placed it on the bookshelf by the door. Well, sometime during their 2 week absence I moved the key to my purse so I could get the mail when I was out. I remember getting the mail a week ago but for the life of me I could not remember where I put the key after that. One would think I would put it back in my purse. I couldn't find it in my purse. I asked the kids if they saw the key or if they new where it was and again they blamed Not Me and I don't Know. Well, our neighbors came home and came to collect their mail and sadly, I did not have a key to give them. Yesterday I even went as far as pulling my couch away from the wall and cleaning out underneath it. That was scary. I'm surprised a little mouse family wasn't living under there with all the accumulated trash. It would have made a nice little home. Anyway, I ran out of places to search and decided to give my purse one last look through. Low and behold, Not Me and I Don't Know had not taken the key this time. It was me. I had placed it in a small little pocket that didn't empty out when I held my purse upside down and shook it.

I just heard a big crash and I have a feeling Not Me and I Don't Know are up to something again.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the obscure places . . . I almost hate it when hubby cleans up because then I don't know where anything is!

    (Stopping by from Mama Kat's :) )

  2. thank goodness those keys turned out. i'm still looking for our laundry bag and i'm afraid it got swallowed by the black hole...

    from mama kat's :)

  3. LOL This reminds me of a Family Circus cartoon from years ago. The kids were always blaming everything on "Not Me" and "Not Me" was represented by a small ghostly child wearing a tee shirt that said (of Course) "Not Me".
    Stopping by from Mama Kat's!


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