Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Follow or not to Follow

This is the question I ask myself every time I come across a blog that has a post I really like. Should I follow the blog and add it to my google reader or just hope I remember it for the next time. I have around 100 blogs in my reader right now and sometimes I just don't have the time to read them all. Well, most of the time I don't have the time yet I find myself spending way too much time in front of my computer instead of in front of my children.

There are a few blogs I no longer wish to follow. Not because they aren't good but because their topics don't apply to me in my life right now. It is very daunting to see I have 100+ new blog posts to read each day. It leaves me overwhelmed. Now, I know I don't have to read them all but if I'm not going to read it then I really don't want to see it.

So you are probably thinking "why don't you just unsubscribe?" Well, I've tried. I have clicked unsubscribe. I have click on do not follow. I have done everything I can think of to stop following and yet, every time I open my reader account they are all still there. So, I ask, do any of you have any other ideas on how I can remove blog subscriptions from my reader account? I promise if you help out it won't be your blog I part ways with. :)


  1. Funny, I was just contemplating this concern of mine. I haven't had any issues unfollowing a blog. However, sometimes I get a little tired of blogs that never have anything new taking up space on my blog list. I'm not overwhelmed by blogs, just underwhelmed at the non-writing habits of those I have followed in the past.
    Best wishes figuring it out, though!

  2. I actually JUST did this. To unsubscribe in you google reader you have to unsubscribe from all the feeds individually...again.

    But there is an easy way to tell which ones you are no longer following. They will appear above the folder "Blogs I am Following" on the sidebar.
    Click on the blog title in the sidebar.
    Then click the drop down menu "Feed Settings."
    Click "unsubscribe" and you will no longer be following that blog in your google reader.

    I hope this helps you.

  3. 'Wifey' is right on the money. It's tricky to 'un-follow' blogs. They should make an un-follow button available right in Blogger instead of us needing to go back through our profile settings, etc.

    I find my Blogger Dashboard is an easy way to keep up with the blogs I follow - granted, I only follow about 30, and many of them don't post daily, but unless you're here every day you can get way behind.

    Good luck and happy blogging!


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