Monday, January 11, 2010

Bike Riding

My son learned how to ride a bike with out training wheels just after he turned 4. He got his first pair of roller blades at 5. I would not be surprised if I saw him in the X games when he is older. However, it still makes me cringe when I see videos like this one. This rider is amazing at what he does. It wasn't until half way through that I was brave enough to watch with both eyes open. So enjoy, and one day this might by my son.


  1. At least this guy is wearing a helmet! He is pretty impressive though in my opinion! I love how at the end the people look over the railing to see if he biffed it or not!That was a pretty long drop.Good thing your husband is a Dr. because if he wasn't, I would say, I hope you have life insurance on that child! Because you are gonna need it!

  2. I let Hannah watch with me and she kept saying, 'That's not good for him!', 'That's not safe', 'oh, no!', etc. I've trained her well. LOL! She even makes sure everyong in the car is buckled up before we drive away. I sure HOPE she never wants to be in hte XGames, but who knows, she and Dan do some pretty dangerous stunts around the house.
    Really entertaining video, though.


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