Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clean Your Room

Do you find yourself, like me, constantly telling your kids "clean your room"? My children's rooms tend to always be in disarray. We spend a good portion of a Saturday morning cleaning their rooms and by Tuesday they are a complete disaster again. I have some kiddos who think that as soon as they get tucked in to bed and the door is closed it is play time. I walk in their room in the morning and it looks like the toy box threw up. KMae is in the wonderful phase of changing her clothes 5 times a day so there are piles of clothes. Or, maybe the dresser took a look at what the toy box was doing and had a gag reflex.

Why oh why can't my kids clean up their room? Oh, do you think it could be because their mamma's room reassembles the after math of a Texas Twister? I try to keep my room clean, I really do but in the process of cleaning up the rest of the house my bedroom becomes the dumping ground. There are boxes filled with things that need to be "put away" lining the perimeter of my bedroom. In the mad dash to get the downstairs looking de-cluttered and clean I pile things in boxes and haul them up to my room. The reason my room is so lucky is because it is generally "off limits" when people come over. I'll even lock the door so people don't "accidentally" wander into it.

Alas, my husband is attempting to clean up on his own and I'm down here writing about it. I suppose I should go and help out. After all, my parents are coming to visit next week and I don't want to her my mom say "go clean your room!"

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  1. I'm not saying my kids' room looks any better than your's, but I do know that I had a lot of relief when we cleaned OUT toys. Now there is only a certain amount of damage that can happen from toy explosions.
    And, since our house is now on the market, we've gone through the whole house that way. It's amazing how much hording a normal person does. It was easier to do as a missionary b/c your things could only take up as much space as two suitcases. Ah, the reality of living! (and living with growing children)


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