Thursday, October 7, 2010


I hate when I have my hopes high or really look forward to something only to be disappointed. Last television viewing season I fell in love with Glee. I love music and dancing so when I saw there was a TV show that combined both I was happy. There were a few episodes that had some questionable material but all in all when the episode was finished I can say I laughed and my spirits were higher. I was so looking forward to a new season.

Well, the new season has come and the happy feelings are gone. The last 2 episodes have left me embarrassed, ashamed, and I felt like I needed to wash my eyes and ears of the things I bore witness too. I can no longer tell my friends and family how much I love this show. I'm disappointed in myself for not turning the shows off. I'm also disappointed in the writers and producers who feel it is okay to lure me in with goodness just to dash it away with trash.

I am no longer a Gleek. I have canceled my DVR programming to record it. I have better things to do during that time then to let my mind be filled with idol worship and sexual innuendos.

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  1. I find this very interesting. Of course, I am completely in agreement when it comes to the Brittany episode. I was shocked at what they aired. However, I felt differently about this spiritual one. I was glad that although they brought up atheism that the majority of the cast were still religious or spiritually founded. I appreciated that the point was also brought home that when Christians (or other religious people) pray for others (esp non-believers) that it isn't with the intent of harm, but rather of hope.
    Just interesting to see how the same message can be given and accepted in different ways.


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