Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tired of Body Fluids

This post may be gross to some but it is true. I am tired of body fluids. They are a part of a mother's life though. I'm trying to potty train KMae. For the most part she does pretty good but once everyone gets home for school I tend to forget that she is in panties and she gets so excited playing with her siblings that she forgets to make it to the bathroom. I now need to clean my carpets.

LuLu came home yesterday and I could tell by looking at her that she wasn't feeling well. With in an hour she threw up. Fortunately, she only did it the one time but that was enough thank you very much. My couch cushions got a thorough cleaning.

Bubs is a deep sleeper. This came in handy when he was a baby but now that he is getting older it is a problem. He sleeps so deep that he doesn't wake up to use the bathroom. I can't let him fall asleep for a nap on the couch because he will have an accident. Well, in an effort to get him out of  the Good Night pull up I purchased a malem Enuresis alarm. It is a little box that vibrates and makes fairly loud alarm sound whenever it senses moisture. Night 1 he slept through the alarm 3 times which also meant I had to wake him up and get him changed and change the bedding 3 times in the night. I love waking up to a full load of laundry that needs to be done. Night 2 the alarm went off once and fortunately he did somewhat wake up. Night 3 he stayed dry but last night he slept through the alarm twice.  It is an awful sound and I have no problem hearing it and waking up but he just sleeps through it and I have to stand him up to get him to wake up. When it went off last night I was so disoriented. I hopped out of bed and walked to one of my bedroom walls right next to my bed and searched for the button to turn off the noise. I guess I thought it was the house alarm or something. We don't even have a keypad in my room for the house alarm but I was desperately trying to find something to stop the noise. When I woke up enough to realize what I was doing and what was going on I stumbled to his room where he was still asleep. Oh I hope this gets better. It can take at least 6 weeks to see results. Once we have completed 6 weeks I'll write a review.

I have been battling allergies which is causing my eyes to water and noise to run. Seriously, I've had enough of the body fluids.

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