Monday, October 18, 2010

Pillsbury Sweet Moments: Review and Giveaway


At the end of a long day, which with 4 young children is about everyday, I like to reward myself for making it to the end. When the mad dash to get the kids in bed is complete I find myself sitting on the couch in the quiet of my house with something sweet in hand. This sweet something is usually chocolate. There is something about chocolate that just melts the stress away. I will usually will bake a pan of brownies or about 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies. There is a problem with this though, I won't stop at just one brownie or cookie. Before I know it a 1/4 to a 1/3 of the brownie pan will be gone or I will have eaten 6 cookies. This does not help my figure in the least bit. I have become aware of a solution to this problem.
Last week Pillsbury, through My BlogSpark sent me a Sweet Moments prize pack. Included in this pack was a Sweet Moments t-shirt, set of 3 magnets, a cute neclace, and a coupon to receive a free pack of Pillsbury Sweet Moments.
I have seen the new blue packages in the refrigerated section before but I hadn't really checked them out. I'm glad I have now because they are the perfect solution to my over snacking on the sweets.
The Bite-Size Brownies are perfect to grab for on the go snacking. They have a layer of fudge or caramel filling on the inside and coated with chocolate on the outside. I decided to try the fudge filled ones. They are rich so 2 was all I really needed to kill my craving and they contain only 60 calories each. That is much better than a 1/3 pan of brownies. My husband and I agree that these are much better than baking an entire pan of brownies when all we really need is one or two of these bite-sized gems.
My husband and I enjoyed  Sweet Moment Molten Lava Brownies together one evening. They come 2 to a box so you can have one now and one later or share one with a special someone. They are individually packaged. All you have to do is remove the plastic film from the top and warm it up in the microwave for 15 seconds. Molten Lava Brownies come in fudge and rich caramel. We had the caramel variety and it melted in my mouth.

These new Sweet Moments make it easy for you to enjoy your own sweet moment  alone or with your special someone.  If you would like to make someone elses life just a little sweeter you can send a special e-card that includes a coupon for $1.50 off one package of Pillsbury Sweet Moments Brownies by visiting or Pillsbury's Facebook Page. You will also receive another coupon for yourself.

Pillsbury, through My Blog Spark is also giving away a prize pack like the one I received to one of my lucky readers. All you need to do to be entered into a drawing is post 1 or 2 comments below and tell me who you are planning on sending a sweet moment e-card and coupon to and/or tell me who in your life deserves a "sweet Moment" and why. Make sure you also leave a way for me to contact you should you win. That's it!

Leave your comments by 10:00 PM MST October 28, 2010. I will then select a winner using and the winner will be announced on Friday October 29, 2010.

Now go have yourself a Sweet Moment!

Special thanks to Pillsbury and My Blog Spark.


  1. I hope your mother has a sweet moment.

  2. My little family are a bunch of chocoholics which is rather hilarious when their mommy is allergic. So, the poor things celebrate BIG time whenever chocolate is permitted to breach the premises.
    And, I love your blog and that reading it I get to remember the good old days of Apt 1 living....and I think there was a lot of chocolate going on in that place back then. =)

  3. i would send it to my mom. first of all, she is a major chocoholic and this sounds right up her alley. but really why i think it would be perfect for her is she just started teaching full time in the classroom again (the last time being 20+ years ago) and it's not an easy thing when you are 62 years old. it's been a lot of work for her and she is amazing. this would be perfect for her!

  4. I'd say my mom deserves a sweet moment - she's given me so many! Thanks for the great giveaway! Amanda
    strawberryshimmer (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. hey i entered my name a while ago.........did it not post? or did you delete it so I wouldnt be tempted?!! LOL....

  6. I think my sweet husband deserves a sweet moment.


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