Friday, May 14, 2010

Cute as a Bug?

I received a new Stampin Up Stamp set yesterday titled Cute as a Bug. It made me think, cute as a bug? Really? How many bugs have you seen that are cute? Is this bug cute?
Or how about this bed bug?
This big guy is pretty cute right?
I've heard people use the phrase "cute as a bug" to describe a new baby. Maybe they are using the phrase and being completely honest. Let's face it, some newborn babies really aren't that cute. They look like little aliens. So, maybe someone is trying to sound like they are giving a compliment when really they are just being quite honest when they say "oh, he is just as cute as a bug".
Speaking of babies...I never understood the phrase "slept like a baby". Babies wake up every 2-3 hours to eat. I don't want to wake up that often I'd rather sleep like the father of the Newborn baby. You can count on him snoring through the middle of the night feedings and diaper changes. Yep, I want to sleep just like him, not a newborn baby.


  1. I am right there with you... never got the whole bug thing. why would I call my children a name of something that once it has crossed my way. Might as well be dead. I think Heavenly father puts them on my way when it's their time to go.

  2. It really doesn't make sense! Although those pictures where awesome and almost made them look cute.

  3. HEY! I found you on MMB too, and I must say, after moving to Texas, I have seen more nasty bugs than I ever thought I wanted to. YUCK.

    You are right, what a super weird phrase!

    I'm subscribing, you are super fun!

  4. Also...I saw you were looking for help with a button, let me know if you want me to help!

  5. How about lady bugs? They're pretty cute.

  6. Ok, so your cracking me up!! Especially about the sleep like a babies father. I don't know about all new dads but my hubby was one that was able to sleep all night.

    I wish I would have thought of that phrase when my boys were babies!!

    Stopping by from MMB, and thanks for the laugh!

  7. Hi! Wandered over from MMB. Cute blog! Ugly bugs!

  8. haha, ugly bugs, atleast babies grow into their cuteness. just stopping in from MMB

  9. This made me think, so I googled and found that "cute as a bug" might have started out as "cute as a bug's ear"...and coming from, you guessed it: Texas. hahahahah!
    I don't find bugs cute. Not even their "ears". Especially bugs I find in my house. Ever. Even ladybugs.


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