Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Declutter and Organizing your Home

How a home looks on the inside is often a reflection of how the owner feels about themselves. De cluttering and organizing your home may be a daunting task but as you work through it you will feel better about yourself and your home. Here are some tips for getting started.

Do you have a room or a closet which the door always remains closed and if a friend opened the door you would be mortified by what they would see? You are not alone. It doesn't have to be this way. Start with this room or closet within this room. Start small and pick a corner of the room and start there. Pick up something and make one of three choices: keep, give away/sell, or trash. Create three piles.

  • Keep-Items to keep are items which you use often and they have a purpose.
  • Give Away-Items to sell or give away are items which still work and someone else could find a use for. Sell the item in a garage sale or donate it to a charity.
  • Trash-Items to trash are items which are broken (that you will never fix), no longer have a purpose, or just plain garbage. You would be surprised at how much paper you can accumulate.

    If you have the ability to do the entire room in one day great. If not, work on a section each day until the task is complete. Once you complete this room move onto the next until eventually you have cut back on the clutter through out your house.
Don't let it get so bad that you loose control and end up on a show like this.


  1. i'm a total neat freak. i love containers, baskets and basically anything that you can label. i think they need to create a show about people who have over the top organized houses. :D thanks for the tips!

  2. I SO Need to get on this! I wouldn't consider myself a hoarder, but I sure could stand to throw some stuff out!


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