Thursday, May 6, 2010

Letter to all New Moms

Dear New Mom,

Congratulations on your new arrival! Your life as you knew it has changed forever but as you look down on your little bundle of joy you know just like I knew, it changed for the better. If there is one piece of wisdom I could pass onto you it would be: Remember, this too shall pass.

The lack of sleep in the middle of the night will eventually pass. The first night your little one sleeps through the night you will wake up in a panic thinking something is wrong but you will soon realize your baby is managed to sleep 6-8 hours straight.

The crying does stop. Eventually they will go from crying to whining to grunting. Just be patient, it will pass.

If your baby spits up, about the time you start solids regularly it will slow down and eventually stop.

When your baby is crawling and putting small things in their mouth remember, this too shall pass (so long as it is actually swallowed and not stuck).

Most importantly, the time your little one is little will go by all too quickly so take the time to just enjoy your baby, because this too shall pass into a teenager.


a Mom who wishes the time wouldn't pass so fast.

Mama's Losin' It

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