Monday, May 3, 2010

Learning to Crochet

A couple of weeks ago I won an adorable crocheted hat from The Mommy Trials. It inspired me to learn to crochet... again. I learned to knit a year ago and I tried to teach myself to crochet in December but gave up because I couldn't get my fingering or tension right. After receiving this little masterpiece I knew I couldn't give up forever. So, I got lots of books from the library and set myself to task. The book that helped me the most was How to Crochet for Dummies.

I'm now feeling more confident in my crochet abilities and can't stop crocheting.

The first project I crocheted was this adorable cap. I couldn't stop at one though so I actually made 3. Here Kmae is modeling the hat I made for her.

Assured in my hat making abilities I switched gears and made this baby blanket for a nephew that will be joining the family this summer.

I'm excited to see what other patterns I can find and make.

My friend tells me I have crossed to the dark side now that I'm doing a lot of crochet. I still prefer knitting because I think it is easier to do the different designs and it looks prettier. However, I can finish a crocheted piece much faster and it is so much easier to fix my mistakes.

If you don't know how to crochet you can still get your hands on hats like the one I won above by visiting Mommy Trials Etsy shop Stylish Sweethearts. She also sells some beautiful car seat covers too.

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