Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chocolate Addiction = Scar

Scars. Everyone has them. Some stand out more than others. Some you can hardly see unless you look for them. My oldest daughter has a scar on her head she got when she was in utero from the heart rate monitor they attached there. I doubt she knows it's there but I do and I can see it when I put her hair in pigtails. It is a reminder of her birthday for me.

I have a scar. I have a scar that reminds me I'm addicted to chocolate and it all started at an early age. I don't remember getting the scar I only remember my parents telling me about it when I was in middle school when I finally realized I had it. The doctor who stitched me up wasn't worried much about aesthetics since the scar is pretty jagged looking. It looks like one Frankenstein would have but not as big. This little beauty is located just above the knuckle on my right index finger. Now you are probably wondering how my chocolate addiction could create a scar in that location so, I'll tell you.

I don't know if chocolate syrup comes in cans anymore but it used to. My family would buy the cans of the syrup to pour over ice cream or make chocolate milk. One of the ways to get the syrup out is to cut a triangle out of the top using the pointy little attachment that is shaped like a triangle on the can opener shaped.
Well, I must have decided I couldn't wait for chocolate on my ice cream or milk, I was going to get it now, so I stuck my finger in the hole. Uh oh, my finger was much bigger around the knuckle coming out and it was stuck. I couldn't get the chocolate to my mouth with a can stuck to my finger. If I couldn't get my finger out I couldn't enjoy that sweet, dark elixir I love. I pulled, I pulled hard and got my finger out. Unfortunately, I left some skin and blood behind. I tainted that can of chocolate. I'm sure I cried cause what child wouldn't. The question I'm asking myself now is, did I cry because I cut my finger open? or did I cry because I ruined all that beautiful chocolate with some blood?

I tried taking a picture but I can't take pictures with my left hand very well. So, I decided to scan my hand. The scar has faded in color over the years so it didn't scan as well. It is however 3D so I can feel it. Too bad the computer screen won't display it in 3D. So, the pictures are the best I could do.

Mama's Losin' It


  1. Oh my gosh. I just laughed about your line Did I cry because of the cut or because I ruined the chocolate with the blood. Hilarious : )

  2. I read that you hurt your finger then saw the can and cringed before I even read what happened. Cans and fingers are not a good mix. Ouch!


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