Friday, February 26, 2010

I Want a Shawabty

Yesterday I had the privilege of chaperoning my daughter's Alpha class field trip to the art museum. This year they are studying Egypt and our local museum has a ton of Egyptian artifacts. Our docent was very nice but she was quite soft spoken and some of the kids and adults, myself included, were getting a little board with some of the things she was showing. Until, she started talking about the Shawabty.
See, the Egyptians believed that if you do all you are supposed to in this life and live a great life then, in your next life you can have Shawabty's do your undesired chores in the next life. So, before people died they created these sculptures that would come to life and be their slaves in the next life. If you didn't want to scoop the litter box you could send your shawabty to do it. Whatever job you hated or didn't want to do you had a Shawabty. This way, your next life would be better. It was your reward.
I have many tasks in my life that I would rather not do. I would like to have several Shawabty's. One to do the laundry, one to do the dishes, and one to clean my kitchen floor. You see, these are jobs that are never done. Lately, my kitchen floor is my weakness. My kids seem to think that if they don't want to finish eating something they can just push it onto the floor. I hate to sweep and mop. I think it is mostly because I do not have the proper tools. My broom sheds when I use it and it doesn't get everything. I can sweep and then look back at my floor and you can hardly tell I did anything. I have been trying for years to find a good mop. I don't like the sponge mops because they just push the grimy water around. The micro fiber is okay but it is really hard to push across my floor for some reason. So, I've succumbed to scrubbing on my hands and knees in the same fashion as Cinderella. I want a Shawabty. I've been really good, so I think I deserve one in this life so I don't have to wait.

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  1. I don't think a good mop exists. Everyone around here swear by the Swiffer mop. UH-no! I always have to get on my hands and knees if I want a good job, but a lot of times I will just put towels on my feet and to a "twist and shout" kind of dance around my house. More fun, less pain in my back AND it burns more calories...and I get a fairly decent clean that was as well.


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