Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Silence equals Trouble

This adorable girl you see below is my #4. She celebrated her 2nd birthday this week. I bought the outfit she is wearing the day before. She looked so cute in it and it was perfect for the beautiful sunny day we had.
I was working on a blog post which I still haven't finished and noticed it was awfully quiet. You know when the kids are quiet there is trouble. I went to find her and this is what I found.
(the snot just adds to the yumminess of the picture right?)
She discovered someone had left Magic Shell on the table and she needed to have some. Yes, that is an entire bottle of it poured out onto her plate and all over her new outfit. I immediately placed it in cold water to try and rinse it out. Then I added liquid dish soap to try and remove the stain. I read somewhere that it would work. Well, the Kirkland brand got most of it out but not all of it. I haven't washed it in anything but cold water yet. Do any of you have any suggestions on removing chocolate stains from clothing?

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